Alex Jeffreys’ “Marketing with You” Review: Scaling with the High-Ticket Selling System

The Challenge:

Meet Rob Temple, the hypnotist, lifestyle coach and serial entrepreneur behind the personal coaching site, which launched in 2015.

But let’s head back a bit further to 2009, when Temple was struggling to create an online business dedicated to offering high-quality, easy-to-follow training products and courses for users to build the lifestyle of their dreams.

Temple spent thousands of dollars trying to launch this dream, only to have it go nowhere. Temple researched all the latest-and-greatest secrets to create an online business, but he did not make one cent, a reality that was becoming extremely discouraging to him…

After unsuccessfully searching for any way to ‘make it work,’ Temple was referred to Alex Jeffreys by a trusted friend. Temple’s challenge was rather straightforward: he wanted to make a business that actually yielded revenue!

What Alex Jeffreys Did:

Temple quickly took his friend’s referral to heart and joined Alex Jeffreys High-Ticket Selling System. As soon as he went to Alex’s site, Temple realized this was the right fit to take his business to the next level.

“Alex really knows how to take ordinary people—like me and you—and turn them into successes online. He will give you the step-by-step systems and strategies that you need to actually attain that,” explained Temple.

“If you’re thinking about working with Alex Jeffreys, or you’ve heard about his coaching program, then I recommend you jump on-board,” Temple went on.

Not only did Alex Jeffreys’ coaching program provide Temple with the strategies he needed to generate income from his online business, Evolution Hacks, but Jeffreys also provided Temple with the systems he needed to create lucrative sales funnels, as well as the know-how to launch other brands within brands, as well as new online businesses to capitalize on as well.

How They Did It:

Temple completed Alex Jeffreys’ High-Ticket Selling System program, and within roughly 30 days of completing the program, he generated his first $7 dollars online.

“Now, to you, that may not seem like a big deal! But to me: it was the first time I’d ever made money online,” Temple recalled, laughing.

When Temple embraces this newfound confidence from merely making his first tiny bit of online revenue, he quickly realized he could scale what he had learned and created in that first 30 days.


After generating his first bit of online revenue, an exciting milestone for him, Temple was driven to make the next 30 days even more profitable. Using the sales concepts he learned via Alex Jeffreys’ Marketing with You, Temple was able to generate a whopping $5K in sales after he duplicated and scaled the process he utilized in the first 30 days.

“And since then, over the last couple of years, I’ve built three separate online businesses and different brands that have earned millions of dollars. And I’ve had a blast along the way,” Temple explained.

Alex will take you under his wing, and give you everything you need to get ahead.”

To this day, Temple continues to earn a healthy living from his online life coaching business and programs at Evolution Hacks. He’s gone on to hire an Operations Manager and an Editor to manage his funnel-driven blog. Their goal is to touch the lives of one-million people around the world and help them to create a happier, healthier, more fulfilled, motivated and more engaged lifestyle. These new milestones, alongside his vision, have helped advance his business to become more lucrative with each passing year.