Alex Jeffreys’ “Marketing with You” Review:
$50,000 in 3 Months


The Challenge:

Enter Joey Xoto, the marketer and founder behind Smart Video Persuasion. Xoto didn’t know as much as he would have liked about marketing before attempting his hand at launching an entrepreneurial, e-marketing business. To make matters worse, Xoto was in a tight spot financially having just lost his job, with an impending wedding to fund months away—he was, needless to say,  getting worried about how he would make ends meet—let alone pay for his wedding expenses.

After searching high-and-low for a solution, Xoto discovered Alex Jeffreys. Xoto’s challenge was to try and make enough money to help make roughly $50,000 in just a mere three-to-four months.

What Alex Jeffreys Did:

Xoto signed-up for one of Jeffreys’ coaching products. The particular course Xoto chose offered him the education and skills he required to go from newbie to expert. Through weekly Q-&-A calls, focused training, and direct, customized e-mail support, he began his journey to expanding his mind, business and skillset.

Not only did Alex Jeffreys’ course  provide him with the tools he needed to market his own business, but he also provided him with extra resources and helped optimize his personal marketing materials to maximize their potential.

For instance, Jeffreys recommended business and marketing services, including outsourcing resources for the duration of Xoto’s enrollment in the program. His goal was to support Xoto’s long-term goals to help him achieve his milestones.

How They Did It:

With Jefferys’ three-step scaling coaching program, Xoto was able to create a successful product, market it, then rally the funds necessary for his wedding. It was a wild ride for Xoto, but for Jeffreys, it was just another day on the job.

Alex Jeffreys unique coaching product helped Xoto create a perfect market-ready product, build a sales funnel, and utilize Facebook advertisements to help sustain Xoto’s business.


Joey Xoto generated approximately $60,000 within 11 days. About six months later, he generated just under half-a-million dollars with his new e-business, and his perfected his marketing strategy, all thanks to Alex Jeffreys’ coaching and marketing education tools.