Alex Jeffreys’ Marketing with You Review:
Going from Zero to High-Ticket Clients in 5 Weeks



The Challenge:

Meet Dean Holland, the marketer and founder behind Before Holland launched his online business, he was floundering and feeling pretty lost.

In 2006, Holland remembers trying to make money from his other online business ventures for about four years, and the only thing he sadly managed to accumulate was about $60K in debt.

Flash forward to 2010, when a friend introduced him to Alex Jeffreys. Holland’s main challenge was to, of course, eradicate his debt, and in the process, make money!

What Alex Jeffreys Did For Him:

Holland signed-up for a five-week coaching program with Alex Jeffreys. This high-powered program afforded Holland the education and skills he required to go from zero to online-hero. The hyper-focused nature of the program also offered Holland the know-how to finally see what he was doing wrong.

After completing the program, Holland was able to successfully launch with a clear and full-blown strategy for how to start making money online fast!

To start, Holland created a nine-part course to help folks understand some of what Jeffreys’ program taught him, such as how to create a profit-producing sales funnel structure to acquire leads. In addition, with Jeffreys’ guidance, he was finally able to hone his coaching program called, “Funnel Dynamics.”

Using the tools that Jeffreys’ program and one-on-one support provided, Holland now teaches entrepreneurs and business owners in a wide variety of niché markets on how to apply the “5 Pillar Process” structure. Holland uses this course to help people just like him generate high-ticket clients through the vehicle of automated campaigns.

Holland truly worked hard to create a site that helps entrepreneurs and business owners achieve higher levels of success through strategic marketing and sales processes online. In this sense, Holland credits Jeffreys’ training as the “turning point” for him where he was finally able to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Within 8 ½ months of completing his Alex Jeffreys program, Holland was able to quit his day-job!

How They Did It:

With Jefferys’ five-week coaching program, Holland was able to launch his online business, as well as bring aboard two other employees to help support him. Through the program, Holland realized there were certain partners he required to get him over-the-finish line. A Director of Training and a Customer Support Specialist were soon added to the mix.  

As Jeffreys guided Holland on the ins-and-outs of understanding how to market himself, Holland was compelled to create coaching product that worked for his specific clientele.


Dean Holland generated approximately $3K within 5-weeks of completing the program, and got himself out of debt within nine months.

About a year after he completed the program, Holland was not only able to quit his day-job, but he was soon generating millions of dollars in online sales.

Holland credits Alex Jeffreys’ five-week coaching program as a huge turning point in his life.