Who is Alex Jeffreys?

Alex is the founder and creator of MarketingWithYou.com, where he offers coaching services, multi-level marketing strategies and coaching programs for internet marketing coaches and consultants—all with the goal of making you a successful internet marketer! From live coaching, to customized marketing training modules, to helping you craft winning business plans, Alex’s programs will help you earn multiple streams of income from your business. In addition, marketing with Alex will help you understand ‘super funnels,’ which help you increase traffic generation and make money via online profits.

Alex has mentored thousands of clients around the world to earn more profits, leads and reach new heights in their personal coaching business. Learning marketing with Alex is one of most positive things you can do to support your personal growth, as well as the growth of your personal coaching program and your entrepreneurial enterprises.

Alex Jeffreys’ MarketingWithYou.com ranked as one of the “Fastest Growing Privately Owned Company in North America” by Inc. Magazine.

“I came across Marketing with Alex Jeffreys online and decided to invest in one of his products. One thing led to another, and eventually I ended up meeting with Alex because I just loved the guy’s marketing training content so much and I wanted to meet the man behind the program. He taught me some really cool stuff through his coaching program for internet marketing. About a month or so later, I went on to release my first ever product: we generated approx. $60K in 11 days time! It’s been a massive leap for me and my life has completely changed around. I just want to simply say, if you’ve got an opportunity to learn marketing with Alex, in any capacity or any of his products, I have to highly recommend that you jump on board—you won’t regret it.”

Joey Xoto | Founder of SmartVideoPersuasion.com

What can Alex Jeffreys do for you?

Alex Jeffreys isn’t driven by a lust for money—he’s driven by a passion for helping all types of coaches and entrepreneurs elevate their businesses with his tried-and-true coaching program.

In addition to the work he does with MarketingWithYou.com, Alex also offers private coaching and consulting services to elite clients in a variety of industries, such as, Real Estate, Fitness & Wellness, Finance, Marketing, Fashion, Professional Sport, Healthcare, and more. Marketing with Alex has been proven to grow, evolve and launch your internet marketing business, just take a peek at what some of the folks who benefited are saying…

“I highly recommend starting MarketingWithYou by Alex Jeffreys. If you get a fraction of the confidence and motivation that I got, you will have gotten out of it much more than you paid for. Passing this along was a no-brainer.”

Sarah Fleetwood | Founder of SarahFleetwood.com

What does Alex Jeffreys do when he’s not working? 

When Alex isn’t working on his business and helping others grow and scale their businesses, he can be found sharpening his skills by studying, researching and learning new marketing techniques from well-regarded marketers around the world.

Alex takes personal growth very seriously by practicing what he preaches to make marketing with Alex a rewarding, fulfilling experience from start-to-finish.

Outside of work and personal development, Alex absolutely loves travel—especially with his beautiful wife, Katie, and their two boys, Cameron and Blake. Alex currently resides in sunny San Diego, California.

Alex Jeffreys & family in Thailand

“Years ago, I tried to build my e-business and completely failed for three whole years. I spent literally tens of thousands of dollars trying to find the latest-and-greatest secrets and got absolutely nowhere— didn’t make a single dollar. Then I stumbled across Alex Jeffreys through a recommendation and I joined his coaching program. Within 30 days, I generated my first  $7 online! I then went on to generate $5,000 dollars in sales and, since then, I’ve built three separate businesses and brands online generating millions of dollars!”

Robert Temple | Founder of Evolutionhacks.com